Seppe & friends

Seppe has culinary friends all over the world. This is not only noticeable in his Instroom-project, but also in the four hands dinners he enters into with foreign (star) chefs.

A short, and incomplete, list of his collaborations to date:

  • Scheepskameel, Amsterdam, Netherlands, with Iwan Driessen and Pieter Smits.
  • TIAN, Vienna, Austria, with Paul Ivic.
  • Ferranesi, Asciano, Italy, in collaboration with Frank Fol
  • Aratz, , San Sebastian, Spain, with Xabier Zabaleta, chef and president of the Asociacion de Asadores Jakitea.
  • Colette, Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, France, with Sarah Andelman
  • The Grain Store, London, UK, with Bruno Loubet
  • The Temple Restaurant ‘TRB’, Beijing, China, with Sydney De Hart
  • Zotman, Moscow, Russia, with Dmitry Zotov