Together with Chris Bryssinckx, the non-profit organisation Gatam and the City of Antwerp, Seppe Nobels is launching a new project in the port of Antwerp at the beginning of June 2021. In restaurant Instroom, he and a team of foreign-language newcomers will serve a fusion kitchen 2.0 with a unique basis. And that’s because Seppe’s new sous-chefs have two things in common: they can all cook well and they have all fled their homeland in search of a better future. Yes: they are refugees! In Instroom, Seppe and his multicultural and, above all, multiculinary brigade now cook the signature dishes that these men and women brought to Antwerp. The dishes that they learned to cook as children or teenagers, that their parents and grandparents still make, and that they, as refugees, may never be able to taste in their own country again. But they do cook façon Seppe Nobels. That means on the one hand with respect for Belgian ingredients, products and techniques, and on the other hand with roots in their (own) African, Asian… culinary traditions. Eating at restaurant Instroom is therefore not only a culinary, but also a very personal journey.