A Biography


  • Seppe receives a green Michelin star* for his Instroom Academy.
  • A new “Restaurant Misverstand” opens its doors in February 2023 (on broadcaster VRT).


  • Seppe gets ‘De Prijs van de Gelijkheid’ (literally translated: ‘The Equality Prize’): A prize for People who change something substantial in society, in their neighbourhood or in the public debate. People who opt for dialogue, and not for being right. People who dare to point out social problems but refuse to fall into cynicism. People who connect.
  • For a new tv show, Seppe, together with Dieter Coppens, opens the doors of ‘Restaurant Misverstand’. A restaurant with staff diagnosed with juvenile dementia.
  • Seppe receives a badge of honor on July 11 from the Flemish Government, in recognition of his exceptional merits that have contributed to Flanders’ positive image and image.
  • Gault & Millau “Culinary Innovators” awards: Seppe wins the Education Award and Philosophy Award for ‘Instroom Academy’. Instroom is the only academy in Europe to be listed in the Yellow Guide, Gault & Millau.
  • Michelin Guide: ‘Instroom Academy’ receives a Bib gourmand for ‘exceptional value for money‘.


  • Seppe is elected Man of the Year by Weekend Knack.
  • Seppe is the first Belgian ever to win Het Gouden Kookboek, the most prestigious culinary-literary prize in the Dutch language area.
  • Seppes’ Instroom Academy immediately gets 13/20 from Gault Milau. Quote: ‘A wonderful newcomer and immediately a chef’s hat’.
  • Seppe receives a green Michelin star * for his vegetable-inspired cuisine and sustainable food philosophy
  • Seppe opens his new restaurant Instroom in his hometown Antwerp.
  • Seppe becomes culinary ambassador for Miele
  • Seppe’s fifth book is published: A Cookbook (Lannoo Publishers)


  • Seppe is elected Culinary Personality of the Year in Belgium
  • Seppe officially becomes member of the Order of The Mastercooks of Belgium
  • Seppe is one of the four Masterchefs of ‘Taste of the world’, the biggest digital festival in the world
  • Seppe is Head Chef at the Belgian Royal Dinner at the Hotel School in Koksijde
  • Seppe is honoured as Ambassador of the Year by the Hotel School of Koksijde
  • Seppe is the only Belgian chef to be included in the cookbook ‘Wild Kitchen‘, a “…tribute to the innovative chefs of today who have respect for sustainability…” (Thames and Hudson Publishers)


  • Graanmarkt 13 features in the prestigious list ’50 best’, the restaurant is added to the list ’50 best to watch’ (Discovery)
  • Seppe is Head Chef and culinary curator at Paradise city, the world’s most sustainable festival (+ 200.000 visitors)
  • Seppe publishes the Grillmasters-cookbook, together with Peter De Clercq, former world champion BBQ
  • Graanmarkt 13 is added to the (worldwide) Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants of We’re Smart World


  • Together with Peter De Clercq, Seppe hosts the cooking reality format ‘Grill Masters‘ (VIER)
  • Seppe makes ‘Het Bord van Morgen’, an award-winning documentary series on the food and eating culture of the future. (Canvas, Culinary Innovation Award)
  • Seppe is Guest Chef at the opening of the Breugel exhibition in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna


  • Seppe is Head chef of the B-eat restaurant by Seppe Nobels at the Tomorrowland-festival
  • Seppe is Head Chef of the International Jazz Festival Middelheim & Ghent
  • Seppe is chef of the Royal Lunch, offered by the Belgian King Philippe to Indian and Belgian Ministers during the official State Visit, New Delhi, India
  • Seppe is Head Chef of the Royal diner given by Belgian King Philippe and Queen Mathilde in New Delhi, India, for their wedding anniversary (750 guests)
  • ​Seppe figures in Charlie’s top 25 of most influential Belgians in the world
  • Seppe is Head Chef of the Hermes Worldwide Year


  • Graanmarkt 13 is the highest ranked restaurant of the Benelux in the Gault & Millau list of the World 25 best Vegetable Restaurants.
  • Seppe is Head Chef of the Tomorrowland Festival restaurant
  • Seppe publishes his third cookbook: ‘Greens that taste like friendship’, (Award ‘Best Vegetarian book’ by Gourmand Cookbook Awards)
  • Seppe starts his collaboration with hotel Santa Clara 1728, in Lisboa, Portugal. He becomes permanent culinary advisor. Santa Clara 1728is awarded the best new hotel of the world (Wallpaper 2018), and is rated in the top 50 of the world by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine
  • Seppe gives a cooking demonstration at the Museum für Moderne Kunst(Frankfurt, Germany)
  • ​Seppe gives a cooking demonstration on the main stage of the Rolling Pin Chef Days (Graz, Austria)


  • Seppe is elected Best Young Chefin the San Pellegrino-guide
  • Seppe becomes member of the North Sea Chefs, a culinary movement that promotes unknown North Sea fish and by-catch
  • Seppe publishes his second cookbook: ‘Vegetables that sparkle the conversation


  • Seppe is elected Best Vegetable Chef of Benelux by Gault & Millau and We’re Smart


  • Graanmarkt 13 gets the award of ‘Most Inventive Restaurant in Belgium’ by Pittig Magazine


  • Seppe opens his first restaurant as Head Chef: Graanmarkt 13 – together with business partners Ilse Cornellisen en Tim van Geloven
  • Seppe becomes ​member of the Flemish Kitchen Rebels, an initiative by the Flemish Tourism Service to promote Flemish cuisine worldwide


  • Seppe publishes his first cookbook: ‘Seppe’s Cookbook for kids


  • Seppe is television Chefin the popular daily kids program ‘De Wereld van K3’, on Belgian and Dutch national TV


  • Seppe wins 4 of the 6 main prices at the Belgium competition ‘Best Junior Chef

4-Hand Dinner Nights

  • 2017: Aratz,with Xabier Zabaleta, chef and president of the  Asociacion de Asadores Jakitea, San Sebastian, Spain
  • 2017: Colette for Sarah Andelman, Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, France
  • 2016: The Grain Store with Bruno Loubet, London, UK
  • 2015: The Temple Restaurant ’TRB’ with Sydney De Hart, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
  • 2015: Zotman with Dmitry Zotov, Moscow, Russian Federation