With Rik Janssens, the driving force behind Boechoutse Honing beekeeping, Seppe created the Amielo brand: A of Antwerp, honey miel and O of Organic. In his kitchen, he has always tried to keep refined sugar to a minimum and therefore the sweet gold of Amielo can be used as an ideal alternative.

Rik and Seppe take care of the hives on the roofs of Graanmarkt 13 and the Flemish opera in the city centre and like to share their passion for bees in hands-on workshops that reintroduce the ‘working bee’ to the ‘working man’. They also aim to install new hives in cities throughout the country. Today Mechelen, Brussels, Ghent, Kortrijk and Ostend are home to the urban bee colonies of Amielo. And the honey? It always tastes different thanks to the diversity of blossoms in the different city centres.