Graanmarkt 13

In 2010, Seppe founded Graanmarkt 13, together with his business partners Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven. The restaurant is located in the heart of Antwerp, on the ground floor of an open house with three stories – shop, gallery and restaurant. Seppe serves a local and sustainable gastronomic cuisine, with vegetables in the leading role. In 2015, Graanmarkt 13 was named Best Vegetable Restaurant of Flanders in the green Gault&Millau. In 2018, Seppes flagship is the highest ranked restaurant of the Benelux in the list Best Vegetable Restaurants of the World, published in the We’re Smart Green Guide. A year later, the restaurant is included in the prestigious 50 Best list, in the category ’50 Best to Watch/Discovery’. And in 2021, Seppe’s work at Graanmarkt 13 will be lauded with a Green Michelin star *, for its sustainable gastronomy. Or, as Michelin puts it: ‘…Seppe Nobels proves that vegetables are much more than just side dishes. He uses them in powerful, contemporary preparations and shows how diverse and delicious you can cook with them. In his trendy restaurant, you always have to look forward to the light combinations he has thought up’.